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Basic Life Support 

This training offers BLS certification from the American Heart Association for healthcare providers. Services are not limited to nurses, doctors, medical assistants, and emergency responders.


This training offers CPR, AED, and/or First AID certification from the American Heart Association for the general public, workforce, and non-clinical staff. Services are not limited to security officers, babysitters, personal trainers and other lay professionals.

Package Builder

This section offers the ability to combine and tailor services to best address care areas or service needs. For example, First Aid training may bring the most value to you or your organization above any other offerings. 

Gabrielle Jackson, MSN, RN

Meet The Lead Trainer

Gabrielle Jackson is a Memphis City Nurse dedicated to health promotion through primary education, prompt treatment, and ethical delivery of care practices. Her 8 years of experience as a registered nurse add reward and value to the firsthand life saving experiences that have been impacted by both healthcare workers and the lay community. Her mastery in education is fostered in a passion for teaching and empowering others to take ownership in healthcare for all of mankind.

"911 is emergent, not immediate. It is my goal to provide quality, professional training that instills the performance essentials needed to perform confidently."

"Preparedness reduces fear, stress, and promotes the empowerment to control aggression while promoting safety during conflict."

Together We Can Train Today for Tomorrow


  • Cardiac arrest is often fatal, if appropriate steps aren't taken immediately.
  • High quality CPR improves chance of survival.
  • Chest compression should start within 10 seconds of recognized cardiac arrest.            -AHA

Good Samaritan Law

  • You can give emergency service without legal fear.
  • Applies to persons providing emergency first aid and rescue services to the public.
  • A  Good Samaritan is a person trying to help in good faith without misconduct.